SUMMER MOVIE SERIES/The Original “Planet of the Apes”!

June 14, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Railyard Park
740 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505
AMP Concerts

The Santa Fe Institute’s 2nd Annual InterPlanetary Festival’s programming begins on Friday, June 14th with an outdoor screening of the original  Planet of the Apes, specially introduced by J.W. Rinzler (author of The Making of Planet of the Apes, The Making of Indiana Jones and The Making of Star Wars).

The original 1968 movie!

Charlton Heston is George Taylor, one of several astronauts on a long, long space mission whose spaceship crash-lands on a remote planet, seemingly devoid of intelligent life. Soon the astronaut learns that this planet is ruled by a race of talking, thinking, reasoning apes who hold court over a complex, multilayered civilization. In this topsy-turvy society, the human beings are grunting, inarticulate primates, penned-up like animals. When ape leader Dr. Zaius (Maurice Evans) discovers that the captive Taylor has the power of speech, he reacts in horror and insists that the astronaut be killed. But sympathetic ape scientists Cornelius (Roddy McDowell) and Dr. Zira (Kim Hunter) risk their lives to protect Taylor—and to discover the secret of their planet’s history that Dr. Zaius and his minions guard so jealously.

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